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NOTE:  The twenty (20) items of Table A may be negotiated between the
surveyor and client. Any additional items negotiated between the surveyor
and client shall be identified as 21(a), 21(b), etc. and explained pursuant
to Section 6.D.ii.(g). Notwithstanding Table A Items 5 and 11, if an
engineering design survey is desired as part of an ALTA/NSPS Land Title
Survey, such services should be negotiated under Table A, Item 21.


    Note to the client, insurer, and lender - With regard to Table A, item 11, source information from plans and markings will be combined with observed evidence of utilities pursuant to Section 5.E.iv. to develop a view of the underground utilities. However, lacking excavation, the exact location of underground features cannot be accurately, completely, and reliably depicted. In addition, in some jurisdictions, 811 or other similar utility locate requests from surveyors may be ignored or result in an incomplete response, in which case the surveyor shall note on the plat or map how this affected the surveyor's assessment of the location of the utilities. Where additional or more detailed information is required, the client is advised that excavation and/or a private utility locate request may be necessary.
    Adopted by the Board of Governors, American Land Title Association, on October 8, 2015. American Land Title Association, 1800 M St., N.W., Suite 300S, Washington, D.C. 20036-5828. Adopted by the Board of Directors, National Society of Professional Surveyors, on October 9, 2015. National Society of Professional Surveyors, Inc., 5119 Pegasus Court, Suite Q, Frederick, MD 21704.